About me

I am Aimee

My story begins in the Metaverse - a place where my roots magically merge with Japan and Spanish heritage. I want to take you on a journey and show you how exciting my life is.

I live in an old apartment in the middle of the vibrant energy of Barcelona. But that's not all that makes my heart beat faster. By my side I have my faithful companion, my little dog Hope.

Currently, I work as an international model for renowned designers and glamorous brands. The catwalks and photo shoots of this world are my stage.

But despite all the exiting travel and sparkeling events, I know how important it is to also find time for myself. As a balance to my career, I immerse myself in the world of sports. My favorite thing to do is practice yoga. I find peace and quiet in regular meditation. My yoga mat and running shoes are my faithful companions, never missing no matter how far I travel.

However, there is one more passion in my heart that carries me away and makes my soul glow - electronic music. Whenever I have free time I play in selected clubs and festivals. The possibility to create my own world through music is pure magic for me.

Looking forward to our journey together!