Your AI Brand Ambassador

How Aimee May is expanding traditional marketing strategies

Welcome to the virtual world of Aimee May, our charismatic AI avatar who stands out as one of the world's first photorealistic AI fashion models of the latest AI generation. We present you with the opportunity to win Aimee May as a virtual ambassador for your company.

Aimee May embodies not only innovation, but also style. Her unique look and virtual presence make her a perfect ambassador for your brand. Since launching in September 2023, Aimee May has already inspired over 10k followers with her weekly fashion videos and generated an impressive >1.5 million impressions.

Our vision is that Aimee May represents your company as a virtual AI ambassador and inspires your existing community with regular media content based on your brands. Our concept goes beyond short-term impulses and plans a long-term collaboration. We offer you exclusive content for your advertising campaigns, social media channels and print media, according to your specifications - staged in a visual world without borders.

Partnering with Aimee May will usher in a new era of digital influencer collaborations and show that your company is ready to innovate and stand out from the competition.


Amazing visual consistency

Aimee May stands out not only for her personality, but also for her amazing visual consistency. Through the application of the latest AI technologies marketing and media content can be staged with brand authenticity and limitless creativity.

A key advantage of our innovative AI approach is the efficient generation of content. The costs and logistical challenges of physical productions are eliminated. No time-consuming planning of locations, travel or set construction is required. Despite the virtual implementation, the AI-generated content guarantees an impressive closeness to reality and authenticity that would be difficult to achieve with conventional production methods.

The combination of efficiency and versatility opens up a new dimension for you to generate breathtaking content for your brand. The AI tools make it possible to create appealing locations and spectacular environments virtually - the variety is almost unlimited.


Stillframe Motion

By integrating moving images into your media strategy, you can better attract the attention of potential customers and convey your message in a dynamic and entertaining way.

Using Stillframe Motion, we synchronize videos with sound from the generated still images to create an engaging and memorable atmosphere.


Real-life Motion

By using sophisticated AI technology, we are able to not only generate individual snapshots from the still images of the photo shoot, but also simulate the movements of the avatar and the environment. In this way, we can create fascinating real-life videos that provide a vivid and dynamic representation of your brand or product.

The AI analyzes the still images and generates a continuous motion that shows the avatar in different positions and activities. At the same time, the background environment and other elements of the scene are also animated to create an immersive experience.

These real-life videos offer a unique opportunity to present your product or brand in an authentic and engaging way. By integrating moving images, you can convey your message even more effectively and increase the interest of your target group.